Personal Training

the best trainers
with 1-on-1 training support

Faster, better, more efficient! If you are looking for very high quality from your fitness training, want measurable training success in a shorter period of time, have special needs or would like to push your performance to the limit during risk-free training, Personal Training is just the solution for you.

Personal Guidance

with every training

Are you planning to run your first marathon? Need a boost in your motivation? Are you suffering from pain? Do you want to shape your body in a targeted manner? Want to reach your training goals faster? With your Toptrainer Personal Trainer, you are guaranteed to make your individual goals a reality. Personal training can also be very effective if you have health problems such as back pain or injuries.

All our personal trainers have several years of practical experience in fitness and training combined with comprehensive expertise in areas such as muscle building, nutrition, prevention, and sports medicine.

You can contact us for a free consultation about personal training.

The personal training lessons do not include admission. Non-members can purchase combined admission for CHF 21 (incl. Wellness and Group Fitness).