Sauna ceremonies – rediscover the sauna

For your body and senses: guided infusion ceremonies, scrubs, essences and aromas. The infusion ceremonies are always held in the infusion sauna in the mixed area. Our sauna attendants will surprise you time and again with new, seasonal infusion variations.

Sauna Aufguss
Sauna Aufguss

You apply the scrubs in the steam bath. Various different media is used seasonally for scrubs during the ceremonies: salt, sugar, sauna honey and high-quality oils. The scrubs in the steam bath will regenerate and relax your skin, alleviate irritations, provide moisture and promote good blood flow.

Sauna Aufguss
Sauna Aufguss

Sauna ceremony available in:


Trafo, Baden


Bern City Time-Out, Ostermundigen


National, Luzern


Glattpark, Opfikon Milandia, Greifensee Puls 5, Zürich Regensdorf Sihlcity, Zürich Stadelhofen, Zürich Stockerhof, Zürich Winterthur

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