House rules

The following House rules apply to the 16 Fitnessparks of movemi AG. The terms and conditions of the Fitnesspark Heuwaage (Genossenschaft Migros Basel) can be found here.

Dear guest
Welcome to our Fitness Parks! Our priority is to make your stay here as positive an experience as possible. In the interests of good order and optimum hygiene we ask for your cooperation. If you have any questions or require any information, the Fitness Park staff will be happy to help.

  1. Purpose and scope
    These facility rules have been put in place to maintain order, cleanliness and safety in our Fitness Parks. They are binding for all guests. By purchasing admission/a membership, the guest acknowledges these terms as well as the other rules of use adopted to maintain operational safety, especially for the fitness arena, class studios, sauna, steam bath and pools (wet areas). The staff must ensure these are complied with. Instructions from staff must be followed without reservation. Please note that, for security reasons, the entrance, reception, bistro, changing rooms entrance, fitness arena and pool areas are monitored by video cameras. The data will be deleted again automatically after a maximum of seven days.
  2. Your health
    Visits to our Fitness Parks are intended to promote your well-being. Below you will find eight questions in relation to your medical condition – a small check-up, that can help you to detect or rule out any health risks. In the interests of your own safety, please follow the rules for the sauna, steam bath, sanarium and pools as well as the rules of use for the fitness arena and the class studios hanging up in the Fitness Parks.
    • Are you currently receiving medical care?
    • Have you been taking medication on a regular basis for an extended period?
    • Have you had or do you currently have circulatory problems?
    • Do you have any health problems currently?
    • Do you suffer from respiratory illnesses (asthma, bronchitis, etc.)?
    • Are you aware of any musculoskeletal weaknesses or damage?
    • Was your last medical check-up more than a year ago
  3. Admission
    Entrance to our Fitness Parks is permitted to those above the age of 15. Identification is compulsory for single admission and for the purchase of memberships. Official photograph identification, such as an identity card, driving licence or passport, is accepted. Anyone endangering the health of third parties with infectious illnesses is barred from entry. Individuals with open wounds or those compromising hygiene or operations may be denied entry by staff. Individuals whose fitness and therefore ability to train cannot be guaranteed due to illness may also be denied entry or excluded from a permanent membership. Our Fitness Parks may exclude these individuals from attending the facilities until they obtain a medical certificate confirming their capability for training. Where an individual is excluded while being a member, the membership will be suspended until a medical certificate is provided (see membership pause). Our guests must be able to move independently or accompanied by a paying carer.
  4. Entry
    No entry without a chip bracelet – if lost, a new chip bracelet must be acquired for CHF 10.
  5. Opening hours
    You can find regular opening hours for training, the pool and sauna zones and childcare as well as special opening hours for holidays online on the respective park’s page.
    The sauna and pools close 15 minutes before the premises close. All guests must have left the premises of the Fitness Parks once the park closes.
    Note: If the Fitnesspark is exited via the turnstile after closing, compensation of CHF 10 will be payable for inconvenience caused.
  6. Maintenance closures
    Annually, generally in summer, the facilities are shut for one or two weeks for overhaul and maintenance work.
  7.  General use
    The rules of use and notices published in the facility must be observed. These are binding.
    • A thorough full-body shower is obligatory prior to the use of wet areas, including saunas, beauty lights/sunbeds or for massages and other treatments.
    • Guests must dry themselves properly before leaving the wet areas.
    • Guests with a strong body odour are asked to take the necessary measures to ensure this does not negatively impact other guests.
    • When using a smartphone or other smart device, the privacy of exercisers must not be disturbed. When using your smartphone, you must ensure the volume is at an appropriate level so as to ensure no other members are disturbed.
    • Photographing and filming other people is prohibited throughout the facility as this would violate others’ personal rights.
    • Devices with cameras are prohibited in the textile-free zone.
    • Taking animals into our Fitness Parks is not permitted.
    • The following are not permitted for reasons of hygiene: shaving (beards may be trimmed in designated washbasins), cutting nails, removing cornea, putting on hair dye and other cosmetic face masks, using hair dryers on intimate areas or the feet.
    • To protect our guests, we do not tolerate any offensive or indecent behaviour, specifically any of a sexual or intimate nature. Offences may be punished with a house ban.
    • The consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs is forbidden.
    • It is forbidden to hang wet or sweaty laundry.
    • It is forbidden to deposit bicycles, animals, etc. in the entrance area or in the changing room.
    • Electronic devices such as smartphones/tablets may only be charged in the bistro area. Charging batteries for means of transport is forbidden throughout the Fitness Park.  
    • Smoking is prohibited.
    • For reasons of hygiene, food and drink may only be consumed in the bistro or in the designated areas. Consumption of food items brought into the bistro area is not permitted. (Allowed on the lawn – where available).
    • Lost property should be handed in to staff or at the reception/till. Items will be kept for a month (with the exception of hygiene items such as shampoo, brushes, water bottles, etc.) and may be collected from reception in person. After this time has passed, they will be donated to charitable organisations. Items of lost property cannot be identified over the phone. Identification in person is mandatory.
  8. Liability
    Use of the Fitness Park is at the individual’s own risk. Any liability on the part of the Fitness Park/movemi AG or its staff for damages as a result of any accident, injury or illness is excluded. The Fitness Parks cannot be held liable for the loss of personal effects, valuables, money, clothes, chip bracelets, etc. Likewise, any liability for items left at reception is excluded. The guest is responsible for concluding an insurance policy.
  9. Changing rooms
    Use of the training facilities is only permitted with clean sports shoes and sports clothing. You can support us in our efforts towards ensuring hygiene and cleanliness by changing your shoes and clothes in the changing rooms. Changing room lockers should be locked for your own security. Changing room lockers must be left empty and unlocked on departing the facility. Any gym bags, backpacks and toilet bags which exceed A5 size (14.8 cm × 21 cm) must be stored in the changing room while using our facility. Our changing room areas and wet zones are regularly inspected and cleaned. Leaving items in the entrance area is not permitted.
  10. Bistro
    Guests must not enter the bistro in swimwear or with a bare torso. Only PET bottles and bars are permitted outside of the bistro area.
  11. Swimming area
    The pools may only be used with bathing suits. We recommend wearing bathing slippers or sandals. We reserve the right to use the pool for other purposes such as, e.g. classes. Use of all the pools is at the individual’s own risk. There is no permanent lifeguard/water supervision.
  12.  Sauna and steam bath
    The sauna and steam bath areas are textile-free zones. Bathing clothes are not permitted in the sauna, the sanarium or the steam bath. Wrapping yourself up in bathrobes or a bath towel is of course permitted. Intimate areas should be covered while in the quiet zone. The division of zones into womens’ and mixed areas may be changed by the operator at any time. Towels must be used to sit on in all textile-free zones. For the sauna cabins: there is a “No sweat on wood” policy; entry without bathing shoes. In the steam bath, seat mats (where available) are recommended. Out of consideration for other guests, loud conversations should be avoided in the relaxation zones. For hygiene reasons, massage brushes and gloves are not permitted. None of your own fragrances, hair dyes, face masks or body lotions may be used in the sauna or the steam bath. No items such as newspapers or magazines may be taken in. Wearing and storing valuable personal items such as watches, jewellery, glasses, etc. in all areas is done so at your own responsibility. 
  13. Beauty light/sunbeds
    Wearing protective glasses is obligatory. The bed surface should be disinfected and dried before and after use. 1 person per sunbed.
  14. Medicinal and spa massages
    Our reception staff would be happy to provide you with information about our massage and spa programme. Book your appointment online or by phone. Cancellations and refunds are generally not offered. Massages can be rebooked up to 24 hours beforehand, otherwise we must charge you for the massage.
  15. Private SPA
    The alcoholic drinks provided may only be drunk in the private SPA. The statutory minimum age for alcohol consumption applies. Guests are not permitted to bring their own food and drink. The private SPA may only be used for private purposes. Commercial use is forbidden. Filming and photography is not permitted in the private SPA. The private SPA should be in good order and condition when handed back over. The guest will be invoiced for any damage to property or any additional cleaning work required (beyond normal use).
  16. Parking
    The parking areas at the Fitness Parks are not part of our facilities (exception: Fitness Park Milandia and Eichstätte Zug). These are managed by external companies. Any problems must be taken up with these companies directly. The Fitness Park has no control over any parking charges.
  17. Offences
    Staff are instructed to ask guests who, despite warning, breach the terms of the facility rules and the usage regulations, to leave the facility. The admission fee will not be refunded. Serious or repeat breaches of the facility rules, the usage regulations or the instructions of staff may result in a ban from using the facility. This does not entitle guests to a refund of the admission fee or membership amount. We reserve the right to bring criminal charges in the case of any breach, especially through misuse of admission tickets.
  18. Hygiene
    Not only should you feel at home in our Fitness Parks, but you should be able to rely on hygiene and cleanliness. Independent labs regularly conduct inspections. Furthermore, we have voluntarily engaged an external microbiological lab to carry out regular tests in all wet zones. This guarantees that you will find the facility in optimum condition at all times.

Fitness arena and class studios

  1. Shoes and clothing
    Use of the training facilities is only permitted with clean sports shoes and sports clothing. You can support us in our efforts towards ensuring hygiene and cleanliness by changing your shoes and clothes in our changing rooms. We recommend shock-absorbing sports shoes. Wearing flip-flops, bathing shoes, socks or going barefoot are not permitted. (Exception: barefoot is allowed in classes like Yoga & Pilates and socks in the functional area). The fitness arena and class studio are not changing rooms. The strength equipment should not be used with sweat-soaked training clothes.
  2. Hand towel
    Using a hand towel to absorb sweat is obligatory. You can hire towels from any Fitness Park. We recommend using a training towel of at least 70 cm × 150 cm.
  3. Cleaning equipment after use
    Users must clean endurance equipment (bikes, treadmills, x-trainers, etc.) using the gym wipes provided by the Fitness Park after each use.
  4. Put back after use
    Dumbbells, barbells, weight plates and other small equipment must be returned to their designated place after use.
  5. Equipment rentals
    Pulse transmitters, elastane belts, etc. are made available to guests by advisory personnel for training free of charge in return for a deposit (personal chip).
  6. Food and drink
    No food should be brought into the fitness arena/the class studio. Drinks must be in a bidon or a PET bottle. Otherwise the water fountain should be used.
  7. Circuit training
    The rules in EGYM Smart Strength/Smart Flex circuits must be observed by all guests taking part in circuit training. Failure to follow the rules will lead to guests being excluded from the circuit training class.
  8. Instructions and training guidelines
    Training must be in line with the Fitnessparks’ training guidelines and the instructions of the advisory staff. Training programmes and exercises which do not comply with the training guidelines and instructions of the advisory staff are prohibited. Training equipment must be vacated during set breaks.
  9. Small training equipment
    All exercises with small training equipment for functional training (sitting ball, BOSU ball, balance pads, etc.) which have not been instructed by advisory staff, are prohibited. Guests are prohibited from taking their own training equipment.
  10. Use of equipment
    Users are required to use equipment properly. Equipment should not be used without having had a briefing. The equipment briefing should only be provided by our Fitness Park advisory staff and is included in all annual membership prices. Training instructions and equipment briefings by those who are not employed by the Fitness Park are expressly forbidden.
  11. Classes
    The number of participants in some classes is limited (material/space), which is why class spaces cannot be guaranteed. Classes can be booked before the start of the class via the available systems (app or website). Registration is only accepted in person. Booking by phone is not possible. Access to class is possible up to five minutes after the start of the class.
  12. Training in small groups/personal training
    Training in small groups/personal training is offered for a cost. That means prior registration and advance payment for the training is necessary. This ensures your space is reserved and fixed for all dates in the training series. We do not issue refunds for any training series dates missed. You can reschedule a personal training appointment up to 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise we must charge you for the personal training session.
  13. Disclaimer
    Use of all equipment in the fitness arena and the class studios and participation in training programmes and exercises is at your own risk. Any liability on the part of Fitness Park and its staff is excluded, particularly where training exercises carried out were not on the instruction of the staff. Each individual user is liable for loss or damage to objects and equipment.

Childcare (where available)

  1. Admission criteria
    We accept children from the age of three months up to the age of nine years. While your child is in our care, you must be present at the Fitness Park/on the Milandia premises. The maximum childcare slot is two hours. Prams, kickboards, etc. can be left in the designated locations outside of the Fitness Park. The admission criteria (and, where any settling in period is necessary) are discussed with the caregiver directly.
  2. Entitlement
    Generally speaking, all Fitness Park and Milandia members and guests can use the childcare service. Childcare is free as long as you hold a valid annual Fit or Swiss Fit membership, a monthly membership or a summer membership. Guests with single-admission or a 10-visit subscription (Milandia: also offers tennis, golf, climbing centre or special events/occasions) can use the childcare service for a fee (single admission). Only your own children can be left in the care of the facility. Bringing along the children of friends, relatives or acquaintances is forbidden (exception: grandchildren and for special events/occasions in Milandia). Children will only be cared for in the designated rooms; they cannot leave this area (e.g. to go to changing rooms, training areas, class studios, etc.).
  3. Admission
    On each visit, children are listed in the admission list. Your membership chip or the receipt for the single admission must be shown to the caregiver each time. By using the childcare facility, parents agree to the rules of use. If there is too much demand in the short term, a waiting list will be drawn up at the discretion of the caregiver.
  4. Dropping off and collecting children
    Your children will be dropped off at childcare by you personally and must be picked up by you during opening hours. If the child is picked up by another person, this must be expressly agreed in advance with the caregiver. Please register your child on our admission list every time they come and label personal items (bottles, dummies, etc.) with your child’s name Your child must be picked up on time for closing (generally five minutes before closing). Small children are generally not swaddled by the caregivers, parents are called for this (except during massage). We ask for your understanding if we have to disturb you during your training or in the spa zone because your child does not feel well or needs to be swaddled. Baby equipment such as nappies must be brought along.

    For hygiene reasons it is important that you wash your child’s hands every time they arrive.
  5. Food and drink
    The children are given water. If necessary and following consultation with caregivers, you can give your child other healthy drinks or a healthy snack – please no soft drinks, chewing gum, chocolate or nuts.
  6. Clothing/electronic devices
    Don’t dress your child in nice clothes. Since there is painting and crafts, these can get dirty. Your child will need slippers or non-slip socks. The Fitness Park assumes no liability for the loss of or damage to the personal equipment of parents or children. Please do not give your child any electronic devices (smartphones/tablets, etc.).
  7. Illness/allergies/accident
    Children will not be admitted while ill. Please let us know if your child has an allergy. Children who require special care as a result of an accident, who are dependent on special treatment or who have a disability can only be cared for following consultation with the caregiver. If your child falls ill, you as a parent will be informed. You are obliged to pick up your child immediately. Likewise, in the event of an accident, the parents will be notified immediately by the caregiver. Accompaniment to the doctor is the responsibility of the parents. If an accident requires quick action, it is the duty of the caregiver to immediately organise or provide the necessary help first before informing the parents.
  8. Insurance
    Taking out insurance (liability insurance, accident and health insurance) is the exclusive responsibility of the parents. Use of the childcare service is at the user’s own risk. Any liability on the part of Fitness Parks/movemi AG is expressly excluded.
  9. Emergencies
    We reserve the right to temporarily exclude any difficult children that are difficult to manage or do not follow the instructions of the caregiver from childcare at the Fitness Park.