Relaxation Pool

• bath • schwim • float

The most beautiful wellness oases. Water is a central element of the Fitnesspark: there is a good reason why our logo features a wave. The spacious waterworld invites you to relax, switch off and recuperate. Let yourself float, leave everyday worries behind, and enjoy the warmth, the water and the feel of weightlessness.

After Training

Taking time to recover after a workout is a central component of the modern approach to training. Use the natural forces within the water – buoyancy, resistance and pressure – to recover your strength. And the bubble loungers, neck shower and massage jets are ideal for relaxing muscles that have been fatigued by training.

Relaxation pool available in:


Baden Trafo


Basel Heuwaage


Ostermundigen Time-Out


Lucerne National


Zurich Glattpark Zurich Puls 5