Massage – pampering for the body

Complete relaxation promotes health. We offer you various massages – from classic wellness massages, soap foam, hot & cold stone and medical massages. Everything your body needs. Treat yourself to something special.

Massage – the duration

We offer massages lasting 30, 60 to 90 minutes. 30 minutes is ideal for massaging part of the body such as the back, face, neck or leg and foot – discuss your wishes with your massage therapist. A whole-body massage will take 60 minutes or more, pampering every part of the body from head to toe.

Combo offer for non-members

Would you like to pamper yourself in the fitness park before or after the massage? Maybe you’d like to use the sauna facilities, attend a group fitness session or do a workout? Single admission with the combo offer including a massage session costs just CHF 20.– (instead of CHF 37.–).

Health insurance contributions

Supplementary insurance will cover the cost of medical massages in some cases. Please check beforehand whether your health insurer accepts the treating therapists/treatment methods and will cover the costs.

Ready to relax?