Fitnesspark —
More time for me

More exercise, more relaxation, more time for me. With the combination of training and relaxation in the wonderful ambience of our Fitnessparks, you will improve your strength, endurance, and agility. In our wellness oases, you will find the tranquillity you need to escape everyday life.

Philosophy – Premium fitness & first-class wellness

Your Fitnesspark is also a sauna park. And a strength park. And a bathing park. And much more. This is because no other fitness and wellness centre provides access to so many offers under one roof. In all, depending on your membership, you can take advantage of access to the Fitnessparks or more than 135 fitness studios across Switzerland.

In the fitness parks, you train according to the body-mind philosophy, which combines time-optimised training based on the latest scientific knowledge with an extensive relaxation offering. Luxurious but not pretentious: In the refined atmosphere of our fitness parks, you can find everything you need for a healthy and balanced life.

Go on, treat yourself!


The Qualitop label is a sign of quality in exercise and health promotion. Qualitop is the standard used to distinguish between exercise and health promotion offerings in terms of their quality. Fitnesspark is certified and recognised by health insurance companies. Enquire with your health insurance provider about a preventive contribution to your annual membership.


A new era in the world of Swiss fitness and wellness: Fitnesspark Tribschen in Lucerne became the first fitness park to open its doors in 1977. Further parks followed and shaped the brand. Today, we are proud to inspire people with our fitness and wellness offerings at 16 locations.

Opening years of the Fitnessparks

  • 1984: Fitnesspark Regensdorf
  • 1989: Fitnesspark Time-Out Ostermundigen
  • 1994: Fitnesspark Eichstätte Zug
  • 1997: Fitnesspark Winterthur
  • 1998: Fitnesspark Stockerhof Zurich
  • 2001: Fitnesspark National Lucerne
  • 2001: Fitnesspark Malley Lausanne
  • 2003: Fitnesspark Oberhofen and indoor pool Oberhofen
  • 2004: Fitnesspark Puls 5 Zurich
  • 2004: Fitnesspark Milandia Greifensee
  • 2005: Fitnesspark Trafo Baden
  • 2010: Fitnesspark Heuwaage Basel
  • 2012: Fitnesspark Allmend Lucerne
  • 2014: Fitnesspark Glattpark Opfikon
  • 2016: Fitnesspark Sihlcity Zurich
  • 2020: Fitnesspark Stadelhofen Zurich
  • 2022: Fitnesspark City Bern


The Fitnessparks* belong to movemi AG, which is organised as a joint-stock company and employs more than 4,300 people. Together with the ACTIV FITNESS brand, Fitnesspark belongs to movemi AG. Information on the umbrealla organisation movemi AG can be found on the website

The industry association swiss active – IG Fitness Schweiz represents the interests of the Swiss health and fitness sector and thus also movemi AG in the area of politics, in the media and in public.

* with the exception of Fitnesspark Heuwaage Basel, which belongs to the Migros Cooperative Basel.