Ayurvedic massage

5000 year old Indian healing art for the goat and body

Calm and relaxed, loose and balanced – life’s so much fun that way! Ayurveda draws on a long tradition, meets our need for harmony and inner strength. Recharge your batteries, release energy through this soothing break with its healing or preventative effect on health.


Relaxation Dream

Like 1001 Nights

Relaxes nerves and organs, loosens tissue and strengthens joints. The Ayurvedic massage nourishes the skin, boosts the immune system and clears blockages. It combats stress, tension and nervousness. This massage also promotes sleep, aids digestion and stimulates the metabolism.

The Ayurvedic Massage is only avalaible at Fitnesspark Luzern National and can be purchased in our Online Shop.


All Ayurvedic oil massages are based on Abhyanga – the Ayurvedic whole-body massage. With a steady rhythm, the entire body is treated and oiled with certain movement sequences, flat strokes, circular motions and selective pressure massages. Before each treatment, the massage therapists use a small test to determine your dosha (life energy) and your state of health. The results help select and blend the special oils. Only tested, single-origin natural products that are organically grown are used.