Brine Bath

healthy energy from the ancient sea

Sanus per aquam; Health through water. The salt, minerals and comforting warmth of the thermal bath provide the ideal place to recuperate. The osmotic effect of Rheinfelder Natursole® natural brine is good for the skin and alleviates allergies, colds, digestive problems, metabolic disorders, and kidney and bladder issues. It is also helps boost concentration and can help you get a better night’s sleep. Alongside these positive health benefits, the increased bouyancy of brine makes bathing in it simply a pleasure.


Wellness is not a luxury! To ensure that your hard work on the fitness and strength-training equipment yields the optimal effect, you need to relax afterwards, and the brine bath provides the ideal place. A variety of massage jets, a dynamic whirlpool bath, relaxing bubble loungers and neck showers loosen your muscles after training and ease away your mental stress.

Brine bath available in:


Ostermundigen Time-Out


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