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Coronavirus: COVID certificate requirement from September 13, 2021!

UPDATE: From Monday, September 13, 2021 a COVID certificate will be required to access fitness centres!

From 9 September, you will be able to show your certificate in your Migros fitness centre. With your permission, the expiry date will be entered in your member profile. This will allow you to check into the fitness centre without further verification until the expiry date.

Members without a certificate have the option to apply for a paid timestop. The rest period due to the certificate obligation is valid as long as the measure lasts, but for the time being until January 24, 2022 at the most. If the ordinance on the certificate obligation is lifted earlier or the pandemic situation allows it, the rest period will automatically be terminated.

Federal Council's decision of September 8, 2021
Measures taken by the FOPH can be found here. 

From September 13, 2021: SAFETY CONCEPT FITNESSCENTER (version 14, german version)
The Migros Fitnessparks adapt their individual safety concepts for each location based on this concept.

For further information, please consult the website of your Migros Fitnesspark:

Aare: Fitnessparks Trafo Baden, Time-Out Ostermundigen und Hallenbad Oberhofen
Basel: Fitnesspark Heuwaage Basel
Luzern: Fitnessparks National, Allmend und Eichstätte/Zug
Waadt: Fitnessparc Malley, Lausanne
Zürich: Fitnessparks Stockerhof, Puls5, Hamam Münstergasse, Sihlcity, Glattpark/Opfikon, Milandia/Greifensee, Regensdorf und Winterthur

For further informations concerning the other Migros fitness chains please contact:

Migros Fitnessclub
ONE Training Center
Only Fitness
Migros Fitnesscenter


History of protection concepts

From June 26, 2021: Since June 26, 2021 it was possible to train and relax again without masks and capacity restrictions. The following protective measures applied: Mask is to be worn up to and with the cloakroom. // The distance of at least 1.5 metres must still be maintained. // Contact tracing will continue to be ensured by access with the badge.
The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 13, german version), was in charge. // Federal Council's decision of June 23, 2021.

From May 31, 2021: Since May 31, 2021 the fitness centers in Switzerland could reopen all areas. The following protective measures applied during workout: General mask obbligation, exceptions are described in the protection concept. // Group fitness courses limited to a maximum of 50 people (incl. instructor). // Indoor wellness areas (Saunas and indoor pools) with capacity restrictions.
The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 12, german version), was in charge. // Federal Council's decision of May 26, 2021.

From April 19, 2021: Since April 19, 2021 the fitness centers in Switzerland could reopen. The following protective measures applied during workout: General mask obbligation // Group fitness courses limited to a maximum of 15 people (14 participants and instructor) // Saunas and indoor pools remain closed.
The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 11, german version), was in charge. // Federal Council's decision of April 14, 2021

Due to the Federal Council decisions as listed, the Migros fitness centers were closed:

Federal Council's decision of March 19, 2021.
Federal Council's decision of February 21, 2021.
Federal Council's decision of January 13, 2021.
Federal Council's decision of December 18, 2020

All members received a membership extension for the period of closure. This extension was free of charge and did not have to be requested, it was automatic.

From December 12, 2020: Since December 12, 2020, the following restrictions apply to training until at least January 22, 2021: - between 7 pm and 6 am and on Sundays, on 25/26. December and January 1st, the centers are closed // - Group fitness courses are limited to a maximum of 5 people (4 participants and instructor). In addition, a mask requirement continues to apply and the maximum number of people per center is still limited. The current occupancy rate is shown on the website of your center.
The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 10, german version), was in charge. // Federal Council's decision of December 11, 2020

On the basis of these regulations, some centers of Migros Fitness decided not to offer any group fitness courses until at least January 22, 2021.

From October 30, 2020: Since October 30, 2020, the following restrictions apply to workout:  - General mask obligation in and in front of the center (including training area/group fitness courses) // - Zone restriction (limited number of 15 persons per zone) // - Group fitness courses (limited number of 15 persons, 14 participants plus instructor); The mask may only be taken off in the water and in the warm air rooms (sauna/steam bath) and for personal body hygiene (showers). Further exceptions, see protection concept. The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 9, german version), was in charge. // Federal Council's decision of October 28, 2020

From October 19, 2020: Since October 19, 2020, it is mandatory to wear masks from the entrance to the cloakroom (except when changing and showering) and from the cloakroom to the training area. On the training area (strength, functional, stretching, coordination, endurance but also in the group fitness room etc.) there is no mask obligation during exercises. During exercise-breaks it is mandatory to wear masks! The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 8, german version), was in charge. // Federal Council's decision of October 18, 2020

From June 20, 2020: Since June 20, 2020 the minimum distance of 2 meters has been reduced to 1.5 meters. As with the 2-meter rule, however, the new minimum distance can also be undercut if hygiene masks are worn or partitions are in place. If these protective measures cannot be implemented in the fitness center either, the contact details of the persons participating must be recorded. This ensures contact tracing in the event of a positive case. The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 7, german version), was in charge.

From June 19, 2020, the "special situation" applies. This means that the main responsibility for preventing and managing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases lies with the cantons. In the special situation, however, the Federal Council still has the power to order certain measures, which are exhaustively listed in the law and which normally fall within the competence of the cantons, after hearing the cantons themselves. In a special situation, the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) coordinates federal measures. Execution remains with the cantons. Here you can find more information.

From June 6, 2020: Based on the Federal Council's decision of May 27, 2020, fitness center are allowed to reopen ALL spaces from June 6, 2020 if a protection concept is available. On the basis of the framework requirements for Sport, IG Fitness Switzerland adapted the standard concept for training provided by Swiss Olympic (version 6german version).

From May 11, 2020: The safety concept for fitnesscenter (version 5, german version), was in charge.

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