for revitalised circulation

The Kneipp method developed by the minister Sebastian Kneipp (1821–1897) is based on the five columns of water, movement, lifestyle, nutrition and botanical medicine. A key element is treading water in what is known as the “stork walk” and alternating between hot and cold water or only in cold water with movement-based warming-up phases for your feet. Since your body should be warm while in contact with the cold water, treading water is ideal after a sauna or wellness bath.

Treading Water

Good for the veins

You can find a Kneipp path or a Kneipp pool in some Fitnessparks. Treading water stimulates your circulation and promotes good blood flow. The cold stimulus contracts the blood vessels on the surface of the body. Together with muscle movement, this promotes venous blood flow and prevents varicose veins.