Trial Training at Fitnesspark

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You are on the cusp of a change – a journey to a stronger, healthier and fitter you. The trial training is the first step on this path. It’s the opportunity to test your limits, ignite your motivation and start your fitness journey. So, grab your sport shoes, take a deep breath and enter the world of trial training. We are here to support, motivate and inspire you. Together we will achieve your goals and turn your fitness journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Experience the difference

Your journey starts here

Experience the benefits of holistic movement and recovery training for your body. Discover the perks of time-optimised, chip-controlled circuit training and try the huge range of machines to your heart’s content. The trial session lasts 60 minutes and is available to non-members. A training plan will not be created (included in annual membership).

The supervised training session costs the same price as a regular single-entry pass. If you decide to purchase an annual membership within seven days, this amount will be credited to your member account. After the trial session, you are also welcome to attend a group fitness class and relax in our wellness area.