Sauna landscape – to recharge your batteries

Leave everyday life behind! There’s plenty to discover for sauna enthusiasts in the sauna worlds of the Fitnessparks. Dive into an ambience of well-being with the carefully designed interiors. Some like it hot and dry – others prefer it warm and humid: with infusion saunas, dry saunas, sanariums and steam baths, you can choose from a wide range of sauna experiences.

Saunalandschaft gemischt
Saunalandschaft gemischt

Sauna – healthy recovery

Experts have confirmed it: A two-hour visit to the sauna has the same recovery impact as two days of holiday! Visits to the sauna train your immune system and have a positive effect on your heart, vessels, airways and your metabolism. The sauna is a fountain of youth for your skin. It releases endorphins and improves your mobility.

Mixed sauna landscape available in:


Trafo, Baden


Heuwaage, Basel


Bern City Fitnesspark Oberhofen Oberhofen indoor pool centre Time-Out, Ostermundigen


Allmend, Luzern National, Luzern


Eichstätte, Zug


Glattpark, Opfikon Milandia, Greifensee Puls 5, Zürich Regensdorf Sihlcity, Zürich Stadelhofen, Zürich Stockerhof, Zürich Winterthur

Saunas available at Fitnesspark Time-Out

Infusion sauna

Approx. 85°C, 6%–15% humidity

  • Infusion ceremonies conducted by sauna attendant
  • Ladies’ evening every first Thursday of the month
  • Very large sauna with capacity for up to 100 people
  • Access through outdoor area in mixed area

 Finnish sauna

85°C–90°C, 6%–15% humidity

  • Manual infusions

Organic sauna (sanarium)

Approx. 55°C, 50%–55% humidity 

  • Humidity indirectly regulated by water and oil in copper bowl

Eucalyptus steam bath

Approx. 45°C, 90%–100% humidity

  • Individual steam 
  • Peelings conducted by sauna attendant

Candlelit sauna

Approx. 60°C–65°C, 40%–45% humidity

  • With lights and candles in the middle

Foot baths 

  • For cold foot baths


  • Various cold showers
  • Cold-water pool
  • Outdoor area with loungers – covered and open-air areas


  • 1 spacious relaxation area – silent space
  • 1 spacious relaxation area – quiet conversation allowed
  • Small relaxation area next to brine bath (in swimwear)

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