secaTRU – medical body composition analysis


seca TRU has been developed with the aim of helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Using state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive design, seca TRU offers first-class insights that help you to track your progress and better understand your body.

Irrespective of whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply improve your general health, seca TRU will be by your side as your trusty companion on this journey. The innovative technology combines precise measurements with smart algorithms in order to provide you with comprehensive insights into your physical condition. From precise measurements of your weight and body mass index (BMI) to monitoring of your body fat percentage and muscle mass, seca TRU provides you with a detailed analysis that helps you in taking well-founded decisions for your health journey.

Talk to your fitness advisor at Fitnesspark to get more information.

The seca TRU measurement is offered to you free of charge as part of your bodymind coaching sessions at Fitnesspark.

Included in your annual membership

Two seca TRU measurements are included in all annual memberships free of charge as part of the bodymind coaching sessions.

Coaching concept of the 16 Fitnessparks of the movemi AG:

  • Up to five bodymind sessions a year
  • Creation of an individual and targeted workout plan
  • Equipment and circuit-training induction
  • One health check

Prices for the measurement should you purchase a single-admission ticket or 10-session ticket or if you hold an annual membership and would like more than two measurements:

  • 1 × seca TRU measurement = CHF 5.-
  • 5 × seca TRU measurements = CHF 20.-

The first measurement must be taken together with a fitness advisor. Subsequent measurements can either be taken individually or together with a trainer.

Arrange your bodymind coaching session directly the next time you train at your Fitnesspark or send us a message in the members’ area:

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