Endurance training

• Laufband • Cycling
• Crosstrainer • Stairmaster
• Rowing Machine

A high level of physical fitness can markedly improve your quality of life. You can easily climb the stairs, you don’t get out of breath and everyday movements don’t make you sweaty. Cardio training can prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower your blood pressure, improve your blood lipid levels, reduce stress and lower your risk of diabetes. A fit heart transports more oxygen with every heartbeat, leading to lower resting heart rates. An athlete’s heart can beat up to 10,000 fewer times per night! Protect your heart by challenging it – at our Fitnesspark, you can do this particularly effectively in a variety of ways.

Fitnesspark Welle

A wide selection
of equipment
and cardio classes

In addition to standard equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines and stair climbers, some parks also have unique and exciting options. Like Woodway treadmills, which are powered by the runner and require no electricity. The Tomahawk indoor bikes with their revolutionary Coach By Color computers are also particularly popular. Or the innovative stair climber workout with the Matrix ClimbMills or the Assault air bikes, etc. Let your Fitnesspark surprise you! With a Swiss Fit annual membership, you can also participate in all of the Fitnessparks’ group classes with lots of dance and cardio classes. Fitnessparks are the number one place for group fitness in Switzerland.

Get fit with HIT

High-intensity interval training: Train with shorter, alternating periods of intense activity instead of spending hours on the stair climber or the treadmill. In collaboration with sports scientists, the Fitnessparks have developed a special HIT block training. With their knowledge of how muscles work and the effects of the training on metabolism, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals in no time! And it’s much easier on your joints. Let us create a HIT training plan for you based on your fitness level at a bodymind consultation.