EGYM circuit – intelligent training that saves you time

EGYM Smart Strength is the latest training circuit generation! The electronically controlled circuits allow you to train more efficiently and in less time. Rather than the duration, it is the intensity of your workout that is decisive for an effective workout. The EGYM machines work with motorised resistance instead of weights, meaning that resistance is applied to both push and pull movements. This not only makes your training more intensive, but also reduces the time you need for your workout. You complete a guided workout in a comfortable and safe manner. You also save time thanks to the fully automated settings of both weights and positions by the machines. At some Fitnessparks, you’ll even find EGYM machines as standalone equipment in open mode.

Included in your annual membership

The use of EGYM Smart Strength is included in all annual memberships. With our Fit membership package, you can train all the relevant muscle groups efficiently in a circuit using two training modes. With the Swiss Fit membership package, you have the option to train in the extended “Plus” mode. EGYM Smart Strength+ includes additional, alternating training programmes and the workouts are customised in line with your personal goals. Fit members can upgrade to Swiss Fit at any time in order to benefit from EGYM Smart Strength+.

The latest circuit generation

  • 11-machine strength circuit – the effective full-body workout
  • Different training methods for an even more effective workout 
  • Electronic force measurement and weight adjustment 
  • Automatic recording of your training volume in your own app 
  • Train as a group and with friends thanks to networking 
  • Guided training via an intuitive touch display

EGYM standalone machines in auto or open mode

Structure your workout on these machines in either auto or individual mode. In auto mode, you’ll train as usual using your guided EGYM/EGYM+ programmes. The weights, training speed and repetitions are all tailored individually to your needs.

In individual open mode, you’ll enjoy complete freedom during each set. You define the number of repetitions, the pace and the weight in the EGYM/EGYM+ programmes. The live feedback developed for open mode will motivate you to ever greater performance time and time again.

EGYM Smart Strength available in:


Trafo, Baden


Heuwaage, Basel


Bern City Fitnesspark Oberhofen Time-Out, Ostermundigen


Allmend, Luzern National, Luzern


Eichstätte, Zug


Glattpark, Opfikon Milandia, Greifensee Puls 5, Zürich Regensdorf Sihlcity, Zürich Stadelhofen, Zürich Stockerhof, Zürich Winterthur

Fitnesspark Malley offers a biocircuit, while Fitnesspark Heuwaage Basel offers a milon circuit.

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