EGYM Smart Flex – a new era of mobility training

Mobility, Flexibility, Stretching

With the chip-controlled EGYM Smart Flex machines, flexibility training has never been so lively, effective and safe. Your trainer adjusts the EGYM Smart Flex one time for you individually. Afterwards, the equipment automatically remembers these settings thanks to modern RFID technology. EGYM Smart Flex equipment uses visual feedback and vibration signals during training to indicate the ideal exercise and break times. The equipment is connected with the Fitnesspark app, which means all of your progress is recorded. Mobility training made smart: track your training and make your progress visible!

A strong philosophy of mobility

The EGYM Smart Flex concept combines the teachings of yoga, the latest sports medicine training therapies, and many years of experience on the part of health and fitness experts. The equipment is used to systematically and effectively increase flexibility and lengthen muscles. The smart circuit trains all relevant muscle chains and connective tissue and also helps prevent back pain. The entire joint area is mobilised.

Fitnesspark Welle

Stability + mobility = smart flexibility

The new formula for successful mobility training

  • Shortened muscles are lengthened and strengthened
  • Back and joint pain is actively countered
  • Muscle length training is combined with the teachings of yoga
  • Fully automatic adjustment and optimised electronic timing
  • The perfect addition to strength and cardio training
  • Included with all annual memberships

EGYM Smart Flex available in:


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The Fitnesspark Bern City and Basel Heuwaage have a five circuit training setup that allows you to relax and train your muscle-meridian system..