Oberhofen indoor pool centre – for serious and casual swimmers

The Oberhofen indoor pool centre has a swimming pool and a learner pool. You’re welcome to swim and relax here all year round. There’s something for everyone – lane swimmers, families, children, seniors, locals and tourists – and you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Thun and the Bernese Alps through the huge window façade.

The full range

  • 25-metre swimming pool at 28°C
  • Learner pool at 30°C or, for baby swimming on Fridays, at 32°C
  • Blümlisalp children’s paddling pool at 32°C
  • Whirlpool at 34°C
  • Wheelchair-accessible with lift, separate changing room with shower, hoist for lowering swimmers into the water

Important information

The choice is yours

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