Steam Bath

Invigorating and cleansing

You will find a steam bath in every sauna landscape of the Fitnessparks. The moderate temperatures in comparison to a conventional sauna will bring you to a gentle sweat. This puts less strain on your circulation and allows you to enjoy the sauna for longer. The steam bath also serves as great preparation for the very hot Finnish sauna.

The high level of humidity and the hot steam open the pores of your skin and promote better blood circulation while boosting your metabolism. The steam clears your airways as it moistens the mucous membranes. The addition of eucalyptus boosts this effect.


The Perfect End to Your Training

pampers the
mucous membranes
in the airways

A steam bath is the ideal way to relax your muscles. A cool-down with steam and heat: You can regenerate your strained muscles and prevent aches straight after exercising. It also alleviates cold symptoms, hoarseness and inflammation of the sinuses and frontal sinuses. Switching from hot steam to a cold shower strengthens the immune system.

Steam bath available in:


Baden Trafo


Basel Heuwaage


Bern City Oberhofen Ostermundigen Time-Out


Lucerne National


Zug Eichstätte


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