Heated outdoor pool – for fun and recovery

Refreshing in summer, comfortingly warm in winter. During warmer periods, the pool provides a refreshing place to cool off after exercise. And it becomes more spectacular in the colder months: enjoy a night-time swim with a view of the starry sky or, when the temperatures drop, become enveloped in sensual clouds of steam. The heated pool remains comfortingly warm in winter and offers everything you could desire to relax. 

Beheiztes Aussenbad

Loosen muscles after training

Taking time to relax and recover is an important part of successful training. Let yourself float in the water and use its natural forces, like buoyancy, resistance and pressure, to recover your strength. The neck showers and bubble loungers relax muscles fatigued by a workout and help prevent aches the next day.

Heated outdoor pool available in:


National, Luzern


Milandia, Greifensee Regensdorf

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