Summer Pass

Summer Pass 2024

3 month
premium fitness & wellness
starting from CHF 240.-

Destination Fitnesspark – that sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It’s not just about training, but about a summer adventure for your body and soul.

You can feel the tingling in your muscles when you exercise – and not just in fitness, but also with relaxation in your favorite wellness area.

And the ambience? Our Fitnessparks are like exclusive clubs: high-quality design and first-class equipment, cleanliness at the highest level and cooled rooms in the hot summer leave nothing to be desired.

Enjoy your perfect summer – at the Destination Fitnesspark.
The best thing about it: courses and a 60-minute consultation are included. In addition, numerous health insurance companies participate in the subscription!

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The Summer Pass

all inclusive
  • 60 min. consultation appointment (incl. equipment or circuit training instruction)
  • Tremendous choice of cardio and strength-building equipment and using stand-alone weights
  • Functional zone with Queenax or Iron Cube and TRX
  • Chip-controlled EGYM circles and standalone devices
  • SensoPro coordination training
  • Mixed and exclusive sauna areas for women/men
  • Sauna special: guided infusion ceremonies and peelings
  • Bathing areas and incl. brine baths aquabasilea
  • Milandia NaturPool
  • Childcare
  • Fitnesspark@home video training sessions
  • Health insurance reimbursement*

* Supplementary insurance required, contact your supplementary insurance company for more information.
Park-specific services: please note that the services offered in each Fitnesspark may vary. The services available can be seen on the individual Fitnesspark pages.
The chip bracelet can be purchased on site for CHF 10.-.

Fit & Swiss Fit

SOMMER Pass availability

The “Summer subscription 1 Park” is available at the following Fitnessparks:

  • Fitnesspark Baden Trafo
  • Fitnesspark Basel Heuwaage
  • Fitnesspark Greifensee Milandia
  • Fitnesspark Luzern Allmend
  • Fitnesspark Oberhofen
  • Fitnesspark Ostermundigen Time-Out
  • Finesspark Regensdorf
  • Fitnesspark Winterthur
  • Fitnesspark Zürich Puls 5
  • Fitnesspark Zürich Stockerhof

The Fitnessparks Bern City, Lucerne National, Zug Eichstätte, Zurich Glattpark, Sihlcity and Stadelhofen only offer the “Swiss Fit summer subscription”. All 16 Fitnessparks offer the “Swiss Fit summer subscription”.

The summer season ticket is valid for a maximum of 3 months from May 27 to September 30, 2024. Summer season tickets purchased after July 1, 2024 have a correspondingly shorter term.

Maintenance Closures


The fitness and wellness areas of the Fitnessparks will be closed for a few days each in the summer for renovations.

The corresponding park or sections will be closed to members of the «Summer subscription 1 Park». Summer subscriptions are not extended by the number of days closed. Members with a «Summer subscription Swiss Fit» can use the facilities in a different Fitnesspark or ACTIV FITNESS.