Maximale Abwechslung

Migros FitnessCard

Your Switzerland-wide* admission ticket

As the holder of a Swiss Fit abo, you can use this one abo to relax and train at any of the fitness parks and all the fitness, wellness and aqua parks in the network – that’s about 130 providers!

With this annual subscription, you can enjoy a full variety of activities for your health and well being. As all our facilities are unique, each location offers a varied range of wellness and fitness activities and exercise classes.

You can enjoy year-round access and free admission to:
  • all 17 fitness parks
  • the water world (excl. Hamam, surcharge (CHF 25.-/visit)
  • all the ACTIV FITNESS, Migros Fitnesscenter Basel and ELEMENTS facilities

Swiss Fit is an annual subscription that gives you entry to all the fitness facilities in the network.

You can get a Swiss Fit abo from any of these facilities and also from the fitness parks’ online shops.

*also valid in Germany (ELEMENTS)