Exercise, relaxation, nutrition


Your fitness club in Central Switzerland

Your fitness club in Central Switzerland.

Regular training at Migros fitness parks forms the basis of a healthy, active life and a harmonious balance of body and soul.
The symbiosis of exercise and relaxation, of fitness and wellness, increases your long-term sense of well-being and enables you to achieve at the highest level in every area.

Central Switzerland has three Migros fitness parks: Allmend Fitness Park Lucerne, National Fitness Park Lucerne and Eichstätte Fitness Park Zug.

Migros fitness parks are open daily. Thanks to the extended opening times, you can integrate your fitness training easily into your daily life.
Our wide range of fitness equipment and classes and our wellness spas, saunas and massages cater for every wish and provide a balanced fitness and wellness programme – all under one roof.

We are passionate about your health: in addition to exercise and relaxation, we can also give you advice via our personal ‘Weight Management’ nutrition programme! Our partner Medbase supports you in the areas of physiotherapy, illness prevention and nutrition.