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Migros Club School is the largest adult education institution in Switzerland. Every year, about half a million people attend classes or courses across the total of 50 locations. Currently, more than 600 courses are on offer.

The classes and courses offered by Migros Club School are divided into five categories. All categories are targeted at the three customer groups – private customers, companies and institutions, and trainers.


- Languages
- Culture & Creativity
- Exercise & Health
- Management & Economics
- IT & New Media

Our fitness training courses

Exercising, relaxing and eating a healthy diet – many people find it difficult or even impossible to achieve the right balance in their daily life due to their professional or family commitments.

Is it time you brought more action into your life? Would you like to help others improve their well-being and body consciousness?
The growing demand for professionally guided exercise programmes and relaxation courses is creating exciting new careers at fitness centres, in the healthcare industry and in occupational health promotion. You too can become a part of this fascinating and growing market.

As a professional institution with many years' experience in adult education, the Club School always keeps its finger on the pulse and incorporates the latest trends into its product portfolio. Our training courses focus just as much on participants' quality of life, well-being and personal development as on specialist skills and quality.

Putting practical skills into practice
Our practical specialist training courses have been developed by qualified experts from the fields of fitness, healthcare, medicine, management, sales, consultancy and adult education. The trainers and coaches are experienced specialists with qualifications in adult education.

The Migros Club School and Migros Fitness Parks are some of the most sought-after employers in the wellness, healthcare and fitness sector. We offer our participants internships and job opportunities. You too can benefit from these attractive offers!

The Migros Club School – your partner

We will gladly discuss your needs in person and free of charge.
With the Migros Club School, you have an experienced partner at your side. If you want, we can provide assistance along your entire professional and personal career.


Fitness Instructor

Make a gym your workplace. Would you like to work as a fitness instructor at a gym? Then complete our fitness instructor training! As a fitness instructor, you'll be able put together tailored training programs for clients. You'll also be able to provide comprehensive advice to clients and motivate them to achieve their personal training goals. This training course lays the foundation for SVBO sector certification and towards the vocational examination to qualify as a "Specialist in promoting exercise and health with a Swiss vocational certificate"

Group fitness

Do you love music and exercise? Are you passionate about group fitness and can motivate groups? Take the first step and attend our group fitness B licence specialist training course

Massage training courses

Massage offers your clients an oasis of relaxation and regeneration in their hectic everyday life and gives you a wonderfully varied profession. Our massage courses prepare you for hands-on work. Module 1 (Health Masseur) is practice-oriented while also imparting theoretical knowledge about the structure and functions of the human body. With a diploma as a health masseur, you can support healthy people in improving their well-being and help relieve tension. 

Would you also like to offer your clients therapeutic massages? Our Classic Massage diploma gives you the necessary in-depth understanding of the therapeutic field and enables you to register with the EMR and ASCA. 

Relaxation and Mental Coach

Just let go and relax – you know just how beneficial that is. You also know which relaxation techniques and mental training exercises you can use to find inner balance. Would you like to pass on this knowledge and help others reduce their everyday stress levels? Then become a relaxation and mental coach!

Nutrition coach

Would you like to eat a healthy and balanced diet? This fine art is difficult to implement in the age of fast food and convenience products. Find out what is actually healthy. Discover how to optimize your body weight as well as whether and which diets make sense. As a nutrition coach, you'll be well-versed in these topics and able to answer your clients' questions competently and based on scientific facts.
After completing the Nutrition Coach specialist training programme, you'll be able to offer nutrition coaching to healthy adults, people who are slightly overweight and amateur athletes.