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Solariums and Beauty-Light

Solariums and Beauty-Light

These days, the sun has become something of a guilty pleasure. Tanning – so the thinking goes – is unhealthy, carcinogenic and it shortens your life. But light and health are closely linked.

Light controls your inner clock which keeps circadian rhythms, body temperature and hormone balance on track. It brightens your mood, increases production of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin and provides motivation. Sunlight also boosts performance and perks up the mind. And sunlight is also the most important source of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for the immune system, teeth, bones and muscles. 

This all supports the argument for enjoying a controlled dose of sunlight – especially in the central European winter when production of vitamin D grinds to a halt. 

Our Fitnessparks only use state-of-the-art solariums with the optimal UV spectrum so you can tan as safely as possible. The UV-B level contributes to the body’s own production of vitamin D.
The Fitnessparks Regensdorf, Milandia Greifensee, Puls5, Sihlcity, Stadelhofen and Winterthur now offers the so-called "Beauty Light" instead of the conventional solariums. The new hybrid light technology offers you anti-aging, vitamin D and beautiful skin in one. The Beauty Light activates the skin cells, the body's own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron is stimulated. For radiant and firm skin that feels velvety soft. 

Please check out your skin type in detail before tanning and then allow us to advise you about the appropriate dose for your skin type. And please familiarise yourself with the solarium rules displayed on site. 

For further information about the solarium facilities on offer, please go to the page for your preferred Fitnesspark.

Important information

Up to 90% of the body’s vitamin D is produced as a result of UV rays on the skin. Sufficient vitamin D is not only vital for life, it can also protect us from many diseases. To ensure that we produce enough vitamin D during the winter, it is essential that we get sufficient sunlight. A tanning session in a solarium enables us to get maximum benefit from solar energy. You can read more on this subject in the iMpuls article ‘Does vitamin D strengthen your immune system?’.

However, certain people should definitely avoid using the solarium. According to the Radiation Protection Division at the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), those at risk include …

… anyone with skin type I (red hair, freckles, fair skin) and all children, as their highly sensitive skin puts them at particular risk
… anyone with a skin condition
… anyone with a lot of moles or who is prone to freckles
… anyone who has already had frequent sunburn (particularly in childhood)
… anyone with a relative who has had a melanoma
… anyone on medication classified as photoactive

Young women are also advised against using a solarium.

If you are unsure whether you meet these criteria, we recommend that you refrain from visiting a solarium, or that you consult an expert (e.g. a doctor) for advice. 

Regular visits to a solarium promotes natural protection against intensive sunlight in summer, on the beach, in the mountains and on holiday. The risk of sunburn is significantly reduced.

Protection of your skin against the sun is achieved:
  • through the thickening of the horny layer of the skin – the formation of ‘light callosity’
  • through tanning

To build up this sun protection, it is important to use high quality equipment, such as that in our fitness parks, which has a natural radiation spectrum. 

Equipment standard
The universal lamps (UV-A and small proportion of UV-B) give the best coverage of the tanning area and become dangerous (cause sunburn) only with excessive use. Provided that your skin type does not belong to the risk group and you adhere to the recommended UV radiation exposure time, you can tan quite safely.
Thus, the well-developed light callosity – together with the tanning – results in a sun protection factor of up to 40. 

When visiting a solarium, the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH recommends the following precautions:

  • Make sure you are shown exactly how to operate the equipment.
  • Should you notice defects on any equipment (cracks and splits), report it immediately and refrain from use of that device.
  • Do not use any cosmetics, perfume, body lotions or body sprays before your session (on the same day), as these products can significantly increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation.
  • Do not apply any sun creams or tan enhancers or accelerators.
  • Make sure that your individual exposure time is set correctly and do not exceed it, even as your tan increases.
  • Do not use coin-operated solariums if you cannot set your own individual exposure time exactly.
  • It is imperative that you wear special protective goggles and close your eyes.
  • If you become hot during your session or you feel unwell, switch off the equipment immediately (with the emergency switch).
  • Avoid year-round solarium visits. Allow a break of at least a week between appointments and restrict yourself to a maximum of 30 exposures per year. Ensure that your total number of solarium visits and sunbathing sessions does not exceed 50 per year. 

Treatment of skin conditions with UV radiation should be carried out only under medical supervision and with equipment that is intended specifically for that purpose.

Further relaxation options

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    Brine baths (6 % salt content, approx. 35 °C) help to heal problems with the skin, digestion, concentration, rheumatism, metabolism and sleep.