Naked, but with style

Sauna etiquette

Code of conduct for the sauna

Observing certain rules will make your visit to the sauna facilities a relaxing experience and ensure everyone enjoys their time just as much. Here is an overview of the most important rules and etiquette tips:

  • The sauna is a naked zone and swimwear is not permitted. However, you are welcome to wear a bathrobe or towel.
  • Please deposit your bags in the changing room. You can get refreshments from our food outlets. You are not permitted to bring your own food and drink into the sauna facilities. A drinking fountain is available if you require water.
  • If you have just had a strenuous workout, or you’re low on fluids, have plenty to drink before you start.
  • Respect the privacy of the other guests in the sauna and throughout the entire sauna facilities.
  • We want all guests to enjoy undisturbed peace and quiet in every area, whenever they want. We would ask you to respect this, particularly when it comes to chatting and displays of affection.
  • Out of consideration for other guests, the use of mobile phones, laptops or cameras is not permitted.
  • To prevent the spread of infections (e.g. athlete’s foot), we recommend that you wear pool shoes in the wet area – but not inside the sauna cabins.
  • Please maintain absolute silence in the relaxation rooms; you should also wear a towel or bathrobe.

Under ‘How to sauna correctly’, we have put together a few rules and tips for the sauna procedure.