Some like it hot

Sauna selection

Sauna selection

The sauna is always top of the list for the health- and wellness-conscious.

Saunas work on the interplay between hot and cold stimulation, and offer more than just rest and relaxation. Studies prove that saunas extend your life expectancy, work the immune system and have a positive effect on the heart, skin, blood vessels, airways and metabolism. Nothing builds better resistance against flu-like infections than saunas. The heat can also help those suffering from rheumatism or degenerative musculoskeletal illnesses. Saunas release endorphins and improve mobility.

In the sauna areas of our Fitnessparks, you can expect an infusion sauna, Finnish sauna, steam room, sanarium, cool-down areas with plunge pool, cold showers and relaxation rooms.

And then there are the special facilities like the salt lounge at the Fitnesspark National in Lucerne, the crystal sauna at the Fitnesspark Time-Out in Ostermundingen and the rhassoul at the Fitnesspark Winterthur.

Every Fitnesspark sauna has separate women’s areas in addition to mixed areas.

For further information, just go to the page for your preferred Fitnesspark.

  • Sauna rules

    The right way to conduct yourself correctly in the sauna? Our sauna etiquette summarises the most important tips and recommendations.

Further relaxation options

  • Brine

    Brine baths (6 % salt content, approx. 35 °C) help to heal problems with the skin, digestion, concentration, rheumatism, metabolism and sleep.