Keeping bodily fluids flowing

Manual lymphatic drainage

Heavy legs, impaired flow

Manual lymphatic drainage helps to drain swollen tissue. Gentle pressure on the lymphatic system promotes drainage and removal of lymph fluid. Manual lymphatic drainage affects the entire metabolism. A very calm, relaxing therapy – gentle, pain-free and detoxifying.
  • for swelling following surgery or injury
  • treatment of oedema or water retention
  • for headaches and migraines
  • following the removal of lymph nodes
  • for lymph vessel disorders
  • to improve the healing of wounds or the appearance of scars
  • to reduce the formation of oedema or haematoma after accidental injury
  • for faster recovery following strenuous sport
  • to strengthen the body’s defences
  • for cosmetic applications such as reduction of stretch marks, acne, eczema and bags under the eyes