Healing touch


Looking after the body’s biggest organ

Stroke, knead, rub, tap, squeeze – our skin has an average surface area of one to two square metres and massage, in all its different variations, has become an indispensable therapy. Massage is one of humankind’s oldest remedies and its benefits are undisputed: 

  • releases blockages and relaxes muscles
  • relieves pain
  • reduces stress and psychological tension
  • releases adhesions and scar tissue, improves wound healing
  • increases blood flow
  • reduces blood pressure and pulse rate
  • improves tissue cell metabolism
  • proven to alleviate depression

In addition to medicinal massages, which include classic or sports massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology massage, manual lymph drainage and connective tissue massage, our fitness parks also offer hot stone massage (with heated stones), ayurvedic massage (with warm sesame oil) and massages as part of your hamam visit (soap massage, oil massage and face and head treatments).

For further information about specific massage services, just go to the page for your preferred fitness park.


Further relaxation options

  • Brine

    Brine baths (6 % salt content, approx. 35 °C) help to heal problems with the skin, digestion, concentration, rheumatism, metabolism and sleep.