Gentle heat, soft light


Eastern bathing ritual on warm stone

The hamam, also known as a ‘Turkish bath’ or ‘Eastern bath’, is a bathing ritual and a place, all in one.

The switch between water and heat, exfoliation and massage has been calming, relaxing and cleansing hamam-goers for centuries. In the Eastern atmosphere, body and soul bathe in gentle heat and soft light, surrounded by exotic fragrances. ‘Hamam’ means feelings, relaxing the mind, shutting out everyday life, enjoying purity and cleanliness.

Experience the hamam for yourself. Immerse yourself in a world of the senses! Immerse yourself in the hamam.

Further relaxation options

  • Brine

    Brine baths (6 % salt content, approx. 35 °C) help to heal problems with the skin, digestion, concentration, rheumatism, metabolism and sleep.