Brine, the salt of life


Healing and cleansing with brine

Bob around and relax completely in warm salt water. The best way to do this is in brine, which comes from deep in the earth and is rich in valuable minerals and trace elements.

The brine bath has a water temperature of approx. 35 °C and a brine content of 6 %. This corresponds to a water salt content of approx. 1.5 % (the Mediterranean has approx. 3.5 %).

The osmotic effect of brine can help with the healing and treatment of skin disorders, allergies, colds, digestion problems, metabolism problems, kidney and urinary tract disorders, ‘nervous disorders’, poor concentration and sleep disturbance. If you want to step up your salt experience even more, why not discover the dry, microfine salt climate in the salt lounge at the National Fitness Park and the salounge at the Allmend Lucerne Fitness Park. Enjoy total lung and beauty therapy – the next best thing to the sea.

Further relaxation options

  • Brine

    Brine baths (6 % salt content, approx. 35 °C) help to heal problems with the skin, digestion, concentration, rheumatism, metabolism and sleep.