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Weight training

Weight training

Strength prevents illness. The fitness park is the perfect place to focus on building muscle mass, toning your body, strengthening your bones and tackling muscle tension. State-of-the-art weight-training machines enable controlled and targeted training of the different muscle groups, and classes such as yoga, Pilates, body toning, functional training and TRX can also help build muscle mass.

More and more people are suffering from poor posture and back problems because of lack of exercise and muscle deficit. Through regular weight training (also known as strength training), you not only minimise the risk of postural defects, joint problems and osteoporosis, you will also stand straighter and feel stronger. What’s more, strengthening exercises that incorporate a full range of movement can help to improve mobility. Strength and mobility allow you to lead an active, healthy life to an advanced age.

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Further exercise activities

  • Weight training

    Weight training is just as important as endurance exercises. It aids strength and mobility and controls muscle tension and posture issues.