Pilates works holistically



After 10 hours of Pilates, you feel better, after 20 hours, you look better; after 30 hours, you have a new body.

Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1968)

That’s how Joseph H. Pilates summarised the outcomes of his exercise method. 

Pilates is a systematic total body workout. It targets individual muscle groups and stimulates, relaxes and stretches them. This strengthens the musculature, improves flexibility and increases body awareness. This gentle and effective exercise method not only has a positive effect on the body, but the focused breathing is also good for the mind and spirit.

Tone your body by trying Pilates at your fitness park – and enjoy lasting results after just ten hours. We offer popular and effective Pilates classes at all our fitness parks.

And our tip for golfers: Pilates can help solve the problem of asymmetric stress in golf, prevent subsequent injury and even improve your handicap. 

For further information, just go to the page for your preferred fitness park. 

Further exercise activities

  • Weight training

    Weight training is just as important as endurance exercises. It aids strength and mobility and controls muscle tension and posture issues.