Continuous fitness

Circuit training

Milon circuit

Circuit training ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your training in less time. You build strength and endurance efficiently, without the risk of over-straining.

The milon circuit
The milon circuit was developed to provide time-optimised training. Its unique technology stores your sitting positions, exertion levels and training results on a smart card. There is no need to follow a training protocol. You just insert the card in one of the strength or endurance machines in the milon circuit and the machine adapts to your profile in a matter of seconds. A circuit takes around 17 minutes.

Normally, the milon circuit includes 6 basic strength exercises and 2 endurance sequences to provide full strength training for the most important muscle groups. With just one circuit every 3–5 days, within a month you will achieve a measurable improvement in performance and an increase in your base metabolic rate. That means overall toning and increased fat-burning.

The muscle groups
The exercises for legs and hips have a guaranteed body-shaping effect for women too! The machines that work the abdomen and back give your spine the stability it needs. The exercises for the chest and upper back muscles work on the pre-exhaust principle, giving even better results. The exercises for the shoulder muscles are a key promoter of healthy spines. And that’s not all – in the strength and endurance circuit, you exercise with increased eccentric weight, which further doubles the results!

In your induction session, all the settings, such as weights and sitting positions, are adjusted individually to suit you and saved on your personal smart card. After that, you can just insert the smart card and off you go! It’s that simple.

Individual goals, plenty of options

  • increase muscle mass by improving strength
  • more efficient and more sustainable fat loss through increased metabolism
  • improved blood pressure, prevention of shortness of breath
  • slimmer appearance as a result of stronger muscle fibres and defined muscles
  • strengthening and protection of the immune system
  • improvement and prevention of circulation problems
  • improved posture and body toning
  • development of the skeleton, connective tissue and musculature
  • reduced play in joints

Further exercise activities

  • Saunawelten

    Obligatorisch in den Saunawelten der Migros Fitnessparks: Aufguss-Sauna, (finnische) Trockensauna, Dampfbad, Sanarium und Tauchbecken. Entspannung und Erholung pur.