Continuous fitness

Circuit training

Circuit training

Circuit training ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your training in less time. Strength and endurance are an efficient way of exercising, without the risk of over-straining.

With our unique technology, all your milon circuit information – sitting positions, exertion levels and training results – are stored on a smart card. There is no need to follow a training protocol. You just insert the card in one of the six strength or two endurance machines in the milon circuit and the machine adapts to your profile in a matter of seconds. A circuit takes around 18 minutes.

You'll find Milon circuits in the following Fitnessparks: Allmend/Lucerne, National/Lucerne, Eichstätte/Zug, Heuwaage/Basel

The eGym circuit, puts the cutting edge of exercise equipment at your disposal. Thanks to electronic strength measurement, weight adjustment and various training programmes on the electronically controlled circuit stations, you can enjoy more effective and diverse exercise. Network using an app and you can train in a group or with friends.

You can find the eGym circuit at the following Fitnessparks: Stockerhof, Sihlcity, Münstergasse, Puls5 (all in Zurich), Glattpark/Opfikon, Milandia/Greifensee, Regensdorf, Winterthur

Further exercise activities

  • Weight training

    Weight training is just as important as endurance exercises. It aids strength and mobility and controls muscle tension and posture issues.