Life-giving heart muscle

Cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular training

The heart is the most important muscle in the body; it keeps us alive. So what applies to the surface muscles is all the more important for the heart and circulation: only regular exercise and endurance training will help you gain, sustain or improve performance.

Endurance means the ability to exert muscular effort for as long as possible without tiring. So you strengthen your heart and circulation, stimulate fat loss and minimise the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure or diabetes. 

Our fitness parks have the perfect equipment to help you achieve this – treadmills, exercise bikes, ergometric rowing machines and step machines. 

For further details, just go to the page for your preferred fitness park. 

Further exercise activities

  • Weight training

    Weight training is just as important as endurance exercises. It aids strength and mobility and controls muscle tension and posture issues.