Functional training


Functional training trains and strengthens your entire body for the activities you perform in your everyday life. The exercises involve practising efficient, everyday movements. Instead of targeting individual muscles, several muscles and entire muscle groups are mobilised simultaneously, in particular the core, which is often neglected. A strong core leads to greater stability and physical strength and can help prevent pain and injuries.

The spacious functional training zones at our Fitnessparks – often with a Queenax or Iron Cube in the centre – offer you unique opportunities to try out different workouts. Whether you want to increase strength or work on your coordination and mobility: you can find all the tools you need here, from TRX suspension training to exercise balls, from balance pads to resistance bands, BOSU balance trainers, and much more.

Fitnesspark Welle

Warm Up and Cool Down

Functional Tower

A good warmup and challenging exercises are the keys to a modern, efficient workout. The large functional training zone offers you plenty of opportunities – and, most importantly, lots of space – to warm up before your workout or to relax and stretch your muscles afterwards.