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Balance, stability and fall prevention: the importance of coordination skills cannot be overstated. Coordination is of paramount importance both in terms of everyday movements as well as the majority of sports disciplines. Coordination was long considered to be difficult to train, and until recently, there was no training equipment that offered a challenge in terms of coordination.  Thanks to its unique design, which makes coordination training simple, effective and attractive, SensoPro is shining the spotlight on this form of training.

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SensoPro offers a wide range of training videos to guide you through your training programme. The videos are categorised by content, can be viewed on a large screen on the device, and offer detailed instructions on the exercises from two perspectives. You always know exactly how long an exercise will take and what to pay attention to.

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Coordination training for everyone

  • Improved balance and permanent stability for fall prevention, everyday movement and sports
  • More efficient muscle coordination: greater performance, less effort!
  • Prevention of excess strain and injuries: greater security, more mobility!
  • Efficient, varied, safe: fun and varied training programmes
  • The perfect foundation for more efficient strength and endurance training

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