Meeting point and mixed sauna landscape

At the Fitnesspark National, you will find exclusive, spacious sauna landscapes – one for men and one for women. The sauna landscapes connect in the outdoor area in the mixed Kelo sauna. “Kelo” is the Finnish term for wood that has been naturally dried in the polar climate. Our Kelo sauna is inspired by the original Finnish log cabin saunas, and is also the venue for the infusion ceremonies conducted by sauna attendants.

Mixed sauna at Fitnesspark National

Kelo sauna

Approx. 90°C

  • Infusions
  • Infusion ceremonies conducted by sauna attendant


  • Plunge pool
  • Showers


  • Relaxation room – approx. 30°C with water beds and loungers
  • Lounge with sofas and loungers
  • Bouillon in winter, tea in summer
  • Salt lounge – approx. 30°C, bathing suits in the bathing area
Saunalandschaft gemischt
Saunalandschaft gemischt

The sauna as you like it

Enjoy the sauna just the way you like it: hot and dry or warm with high humidity. The soothing and cleansing effect of heat, warmth and steam will lift your spirits and make you feel brand new. In our large saunas with several seating tiers, you can regulate the heat – the temperatures differ greatly depending on the seat position.

Mixed sauna landscape available in:


Trafo, Baden


Heuwaage, Basel


Bern City Fitnesspark Oberhofen Oberhofen indoor pool centre Time-Out, Ostermundigen


Allmend, Luzern National, Luzern


Eichstätte, Zug


Glattpark, Opfikon Milandia, Greifensee Puls 5, Zürich Regensdorf Sihlcity, Zürich Stadelhofen, Zürich Stockerhof, Zürich Winterthur

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