Mixed SPA – 150 m² wellness atmosphere

The perfect joint sauna experience Our premium sauna landscape will impress you with the harmonious combination of sweating, cooling and relaxing. The mixed SPA is a textile-wearing zone. You must wear bathing suits in the sauna.

Enjoy the sauna just the way you like it

Do you prefer dry heat or less heatt with higher humidity? It’s your choice. The dry sauna is the perfect place to recover after strenuous exercise – tense muscles relax while your heart, lungs, kidneys and nervous system can work a little better. The dry heat promotes good blood flow and sweating thoroughly cleanses your skin, leaving it smooth and supple. The steam bath allows for moderate sweating. The steam creates a heightened but comfortable feeling of heat. The humidity and heat are a fountain of youth for your skin – the pores open up, making it easier to remove toxins and bacteria. The eucalyptus-scented steam lets you breathe easy.

Mixed SPA at Fitnesspark Malley 

Textile-wearing zone with bathing suit

Steam bath «SweetSteamPro»

Approx. 48°C, approx. 98% humidity

  • Automatic bursts of steam scented with eucalyptus

Finnish sauna «SweetSaunaPro»

Approx. 90°C, 10%–20% humidity

Foot baths

  • Parcours with 4 pools with alternating warm and cold water

Water paradise

Parcours with 4 showers

  • Tropical rain: 39°C warm water, amber LED and passion fruit aroma
  • Cold rain: cold water, green LED and ice lemon aroma
  • Summer storm: 39°C warm water, red LED and passion fruit aroma
  • Cold mist: cold water with mist, blue LED and fresh mint aroma


Ice waterfall

  • Crushed ice


  • Salt wall
  • Constant heat and humidity level
  • Loungers
  • Relaxing light  
  • Ionisation of the mineral salt by the oven

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