BIOCIRCUIT circuit training – maximum gain in minimum time

Lose weight, build muscle, stay healthy – whatever your reason for working out at the Fitnesspark, you need a bespoke training concept that fits your needs. BIOCIRCUIT™ offers a personalised workout that helps you achieve your fitness goals quickly – thanks to BIODRIVE technology. The guided programme delivers an engaging workout – with no manual adjustments needed and no wait times involved. Everything you need to optimise activation of all relevant muscle groups is included in the circuit. Quick, effective and intuitive – it doesn’t get much easier!

Just the right workout for you!

  • «One»-Login – fast and straightforward
  • Time-saving and efficient – whole-body training in 22 minutes
  • No risk – you are guided through the workout every step of the way, so the workload is always just right
  • Personalised – the equipment adapts to you automatically
  • Workout rather than paperwork – your training progress is logged automatically

Get started right now!

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