Women’s sauna – women together

You will find a spacious sauna area just for women at all Fitnessparks. Here, you can enjoy the sauna and relax undisturbed in a pleasant atmosphere. Various different offerings are available depending on the Fitnesspark. You can usually find a sauna with dry heat and a steam bath, sanarium or a bio-sauna with low heat but increased humidity. You can therefore enjoy a sauna just the way you like it.

The women’s sauna at Fitnesspark Heuwaage

Steam bath

Approx. 49°C, approx. 100% humidity

Bio sauna

Approx. 60°C, 65% humidity

  • On even calendar days 
  • Gentle sweating, good for the circulation

Finnish sauna

  • Approx. 90°C, approx. 18% humidity 
  • On odd calendar days
  • Infusions


  • Showers


  • Relaxation room with loungers

Wellness und Badewelt

3D Rundgang

Wellness und Badewelt

3D Rundgang

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