Bodymind coaching – included in your annual membership

A bespoke workout programme? An introduction to chip-controlled circuit training? Tweaks to your workout programme? A chance to try out new equipment? You’ve come to the right place! Fitnesspark bodymind coaching is based on the latest scientific findings and encompasses much more than just training tips. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive holistic advice tailored to your needs. The right workout – combined with optimum recovery and relaxation and based on your capabilities – is your route to success.

Coaching concept at the 16 Fitnessparks run by movemi AG

  • Up to five bodymind sessions a year
  • Workout programme
  • Equipment or circuit-training induction
  • Health check
  • Bodymind coaching

Simply book your next bodymind coaching session next time you visit your Fitnesspark or email us the contact form.

The Migros Heuwaage Fitnesspark in Basel has its own coaching concept.

Bodymind coaching for all – annual membership not necessary

Do you have a 10-session pass or a monthly membership and want to train on the chip-controlled circuits? Are you new to fitness and looking for an equipment induction plus a health check? Book a session, and we’ll create a bespoke workout plan for you, including an equipment or circuit-training induction.

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