Education for all

Migros Club School

Education for all

Migros Club School is the largest adult education institution in Switzerland. Every year, about half a million people attend classes or courses in more than 50 locations. Currently, more than 600 courses are on offer. In addition to courses in business, leisure, languages and culture, the Club Schools also offer comprehensive training for aspiring fitness and wellness trainers.

Wellness and fitness training courses

Exercising, relaxing, a balanced diet ¬– many people find it difficult or even impossible to deal with the demands of work and family, and achieve the right balance in their everyday life.

Has the time come to add some more zest to your life? Do you want to help other people to improve their sense of well being and body awareness?
The growing demand for professionally supported exercise and relaxation activities has resulted in exciting new professional fields in fitness and wellness facilities, healthcare and workplace health promotion. Get involved in this fascinating and growing market.

As a professional institution with years of experience in adult education, Club School always keeps its finger on the pulse and includes the latest trends in its range of courses. The course focus is just as much on the quality of life, well being and personal development of participants as it is on professional skills and quality.

From practice – for practice
The practical vocational training courses have been developed by qualified experts from the fields of wellness and fitness, medicine, management, sales, consultancy and adult education. The tutors are experienced specialists with a qualification in adult education.

Migros fitness parks and Migros Club School are among the most sought-after employers in the wellness and fitness industry. We offer participants internships and job opportunities. Why not benefit from this attractive offer yourself?

Migros Club School – your partner

We will happily take the time to give you a free personal consultation.
With Migros Club School, you have an experienced partner at your side – whenever you might require it during your professional and personal life.

Manager in health tourism and exercise with Swiss federal diploma

You carry out management duties in a tourism, fitness and healthcare environment. It is your task to acquire not only new customers, but also strategic partners. You develop concepts for wellness and leisure facilities, implement them and ensure the efficiency of the business. You manage employees at all levels.

As a manager in health tourism and exercise, you will develop strategies for survival in the market and to secure economic success. You will manage operations according to industry guidelines and ensure customer-orientated processes. You will carry out marketing activities and manage an interdisciplinary team.

Fitness instructor, with Swiss federal certificate

The fitness centre – your new workplace! Do you enjoy strength training, exercise and dealing with people? As a fitness instructor, you will offer professional advice and support to trainees. You will also put together individual training programmes. Your specialist training will lay the foundations for a successful career in the fitness and wellness sector. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will have the opportunity to take the Swiss federal diploma after you have completed your training.

Group fitness

Do you have a passion for group fitness and would like to teach it yourself? Then take the first step with us. Join the modular training course in group fitness. This sought-after diploma or certificate as an instructor of aerobics, step, body-toning and pump will open doors for you. As an instructor, you will teach classes at all levels. Use your passion to become a group fitness professional.

Personal trainer

You are an experienced exercise specialist. Your strengths include giving personally tailored advice and actively listening. You have good communication skills and like to support and motivate people during training.
Is your next goal to work for yourself? Then the new personal trainer course is just the right thing for you. In this practical training course, you will tackle the topics in detail that you need to become a successful personal trainer: setting up your own company, business administration and marketing, social and personal skills, health promotion/preventative healthcare, the latest scientific findings, training practice.

medbase is our partner for this course. The section on ‘The latest scientific findings in everyday training ’ is delivered by experts from medbase AG.

Trainer in exercise and health

In your daily routine, you ensure that you get enough exercise, relaxation and healthy nutrition. You also want to motivate others to lead an active and balanced lifestyle.
As an exercise and health trainer, you will advise, teach and support healthy people, both individually and in groups. You will prepare tailored health solutions and develop targeted training programmes to put them into practice.

Healthcare massage therapist

Massage offers your clients an oasis of relaxation and recuperation in the midst of today’s hectic life, and it offers you a wonderfully varied profession. Module 1 – ‘healthcare massage therapist’ is practice-based and also teaches you the necessary theoretical knowledge about the structure and function of the human body. With the healthcare massage therapist diploma, you can help healthy people to improve their well being and release tension. You will also become eligible to advance to Module 2 in ‘classic massage’.


Relaxation coach

You know from your own experience how various relaxation techniques can help you to regain inner balance and deal better with the challenges of daily life. You enjoy working with people and want to help them to recover from day-to-day stress.

As a relaxation coach, you will teach your clients a range of relaxation techniques and help them to find a balance between stress and rest.

Nutritional coach

Do you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet? Achieving this is not easy in the current age of fast food and convenience products. Find out what is really healthy. Discover how body weight can be optimised and which diets make sense. As a nutritional coach, you will have a firm grasp of these issues and be able to answer your clients’ questions competently – based on scientific facts.
After you have completed your specialist training as a ‘nutritional coach’,you will be able to coach healthy adults, those who are slightly overweight and recreational athletes.

Classic massage

Do you also want to offer your clients therapeutic massages? With the diploma in ‘classic massage’, you will have all the necessary in-depth knowledge at your disposal. Before the treatment, you will carry out a medically accurate assessment, determine therapeutic objectives and then implement them. Using targeted massage techniques, you will release your clients’ tension and ease their pain. After successfully completing the ‘classic massage’ course, and as soon as you can demonstrate the relevant experience, you will have the option of joining the Swiss register of empirical medicine (EMR).