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Qualitop is the first Swiss quality label to assess providers of exercise activities that promote good health. 

Measurable fitness activities
With the development of the quality seal in the late 1990s, quality in the fitness sector became not just describable, but measurable as well. In a market that has grown exponentially, certification separates the wheat from the chaff. 

Three outstanding features
Certification with the Qualitop seal not only guarantees the internal standard of quality at the fitness parks, it also provides added value for our customers.
  • Our range of activities meets clear safety and quality requirements. Customers can rest easy, knowing they will always be properly looked after when training, but also in emergency situations.
  • Legal compliance
  • For an increasing number of health insurers, the Qualitop label is a prerequisite for cost-sharing subscription fees. 

Certification body

The Qualitop quality seal is awarded by the independent certifier, Qualicert.

Quality, tested and guaranteed

Qualicert is a neutral certification body which checks that fitness centres and instructors of health-promoting classes are meeting the Qualitop quality criteria. If the check demonstrates compliance with the quality criteria, Qualicert certifies the respective fitness centre or instructor and awards them the Qualitop label.

Qualicert has been in existence for more than 12 years. Under its original name of Qualitop, the company began certifying fitness centres and instructors of health-promoting classes in May 1996, continuing to July 2008. After 2006 came a gradual division of functions within the certification system, with the standardisation body, Qualitop, becoming legally independent, and later the creation of spin-off company Qualicert in summer 2008, and with it a full separation of functions.