Exercise, relaxation, nutrition


More variety, more change – more from life

With a comprehensive and holistic range of activities, our facilities put the original concept of wellness into practice: fitness training combined with relaxation and good nutrition. 

In addition to fitness arenas with state-of-the-art equipment and a very wide range of classes, you will also find a variety of pools and saunas at our fitness parks, as well as food and drink outlets where the focus is on balanced nutrition. And to top it all off there’s our nutritional advice service – a great support as you make your lifestyle changes.

We have been putting this successful national concept into practice since 1974 – well before the late nineties fitness boom. 

Come along and see our wellness facilities for yourself. Discover the fitness park for you. 

Our goal: health promotion and illness prevention

Your health is your most valuable asset in life. That’s why we believe it is best to follow the health ‘megatrend’ and avoid getting ill in the first place.

Through our fitness parks, we want to help improve people’s health and provide preventative healthcare. Our aim is to help your improve your well-being and maintain your health by providing a pleasant environment and relaxed atmosphere. We hope that you will come here regularly to exercise and to relax. 

We also focus on providing the best possible support, with our dedicated exercise experts as well as providing a range of activities tailored to your individual needs. So each visit will help you to get ‘more out of life’!